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Vox Canora Vocal Ensemble
Please submit the form if you need any more information, have any questions or requests or to to book our choir for performance and events. Alternatively please email us. Please provide as much information as possible for us to help you with your enquiry :)

  • Giuseppe Micheli Street, 6 - 43122 - Parma (Pr) - Italy
  • +39 348 0379932

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VOX CANORA VOCAL ENSEMBLE is always on the lookout for new opportunities to share our music.
As well as the concerts we organize every year, we also play festivals, public events, wedding and exclusive corporate functions. Our performance highlights include Festival and competition, charity event, workshop with italian performers, and all. We also love working with other artists and choirs, and our collaborations have included also melodic death metal band. If you’re a composer, arranger or solo artist looking to collaborate on a creative project, then drop us a line!

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