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70% of music, passion and commitment 20% of fun 10% of friendship and condivision
This should be the choir
70% of fun and madness 20% Monica screams trying to teach us something 10% satisfaction when the song comes off!
This is our choir.

On Stage

Musical or vocal pop with choreography and movement.

Our Passion

Modern sacred music performed at our concert.

Looking for a wider audience of your bathroom to stop singing alone in the shower?

Or do you want to share your musical passion but all your friends have already formed a band without you?

Or did you try to test X-Factor but Mara Maionchi did not want to believe in you?

Perhaps our choir is what you are looking for and still do not know it. One of our musicians tells us that
"in the books read, one day I heard a sentence saying: if in the morning as soon as you get up you want to sing in squiggle it's a sign that you are really happy or completely stupid. I have not yet understood which of the two possibilities I belong but in the same time sing in Vox and over time, maybe, I will have the answer"

Our greatest career achievement are the soundtrack of the film The man who will come directed by Giorgio Diritti in 2009 and the concert with Dutch composer Jacob De Haan, that directed choir and concert band in which his Missa Brevis. Our choir partecipate too first performance of Stabat Mater composed and directed by Italian composer Giovanni Veneri.


Meet musicians that support us in our concert. Little band but very great sound.


The man who will come

Emotion, history, realism, WWII told through the eyes of those who suffered it.


The ENSEMBLE archives

Past concerts represents our history so here you can read all about our musical performance through the years.



Magazines, newspapers, booklets. All that the press writes about Us. And a little bit of television...